Tutorial Proposals

INFOS 2016 Tutorials call invites professionals and scientists in all relevant areas of computing to submit proposals for top quality tutorials to be delivered during the INFOS 2016 conference. INFOS 2016 attendees are typically interested in a large variety of computing topics, including classic subjects that have been taught for years, as well as news about the latest advances in computing science and technologies. The INFOS 2016 tutorials program aspires to cover the full breadth of computing topics.

Tutorial presenters are typically experts in their chosen topic who are experienced speakers with exceptional skills in preparing and delivering educational presentations. The INFOS 2016 Tutorials Committee will consider both your knowledge of your topic and your success at teaching it, when selecting tutorials for INFOS this year.

There is not constraint on the teaching approach or model used to deliver your tutorial; however, it is recommended that speakers adopt more interactive and exciting models of delivery. For example, demonstrations, group exercises, and educational games could be used to stimulate the interest and engagement of your audience during the tutorial time. INFOS 2016 strongly encourages the submission of tutorials that will teach in a nontraditional format.

This year, all INFOS tutorials will be limited to half a day sessions in the morning and afternoon. Typically a session will last for 3 hours plus two 15 minutes breaks.


How to Submit a Proposal?

All proposals will be submitted via the online INFOS 2016 tutorials application form. Tutorials proposals must be submitted electronically by the deadline indicated in the INFOS 2016 conference website.


 How my Proposal will be Evaluated? 

All eligible submitted proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Timeliness and expected interest in the tutorial topic

  • Relevance, interest, and value and of the topic to INFOS attendees.

  • Completeness, clarity, and quality of the tutorial proposal.

  • The potential to attract a reasonable number of attendees for the tutorial   

  • Expertise and experience of the presenters in the proposed topic.

  • Expertise and experience of the presenters in delivering a successful educational presentation.

  • Effectiveness of the proposed presentation approach.

  • The balance and synergy between the tutorial topic and main conference themes and other tutorials and activities that will run during INFOS 2016.

What INFOS will Provide for my Tutorial if Accepted?

If your tutorial is accepted, please consider the following when planning and arranging to deliver your tutorial:

  • INFOS will provide a room equipped with a data projector, screen, and electricity and network outlets.

  • Refreshments and breaks will be offered by the conference for attendees during the tutorial day.

  • One free registration for the conference for the main organizer. All participants, including the rest of the presenters, must register for the tutorial.

  • INFOS 2016 can support the printing of the tutorial notes and materials only if the materials are available at least 4 weeks before the start day of the conference. Otherwise, the presenter must arrange for printing and delivering the material of his/her tutorial.


General Rules and Commitments for Organizers

If your tutorial is accepted, please adhere to the following in order to ensure high-quality and successful tutorial:

  • Maximum number of presenters per each tutorial is two persons. Only those presenters indicated in the proposal can deliver the tutorial if accepted. No replacements or last-minute changes unless approved by the Tutorial co-chairs with clear justifications.
  • Tutorials are subject to cancellation if they don't attract attendees.
  • Presenters are expected to advertise their own tutorials widely among communities of interest in the topic.
  • Presenter must generate a 1-page summary of the tutorial overview and objectives for inclusion in the main conference proceedings.
  • Presenter must devise her/his tutorial to work within a few timing and logistical constraints.  If any special requirements are needed it must be communicated during the proposal submission not after. There is no guarantee that the conference can provide all requested arrangements to run the tutorial. Also, it is important to understand that the conference venue may not have flexible room settings, so do not plan for any special room or seating settings during the tutorial. Most setting are in a lecture-style rooms with fixed chairs. 
  • Presenter understands that if the tutorial materials are not supplied 4 weeks in advance of the conference date, he/she is responsible for printing the material and delivering it to the conference venue on the tutorial day.
  •  Rooms assigned for tutorials are allocated based on the availability and nature of the tutorial.

Tutorials Co-Chairs

  • Prof. Hesham El-Mahdy, Cairo University