Workshop Proposals

  • INFOS 2016 Workshops aim at providing a forum for a focused group of professionals to explore and discuss specific emerging topics of interest to academia and industry. Workshops typically are organized around computing areas of a growing interest to the computing community. As such, ideas and concepts discussed during workshops are expected to be innovative and stimulating rather than being mature and well-established.

All workshops at INFOS 2016 will run for one full day towards the end of the conference. Attendance of the workshop is typically open to all INFOS delegates that registered to the main conference. Workshop chairs have the option to produce workshop proceedings that can be published in the conference proceeding appendix; however, the proceeding is not mandatory. Workshop summary and findings are however mandatory to be produced by the workshop chairs. 

How to Submit a Proposal?

All proposals will be submitted via the online INFOS 2016 workshop application form. Workshop proposals must be submitted electronically by the deadline indicated in the INFOS 2016 conference website.

 How my Proposal will be Evaluated? 

All eligible submitted proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Timeliness and expected interest in the workshop topics
  • The potential to advance the state of art and practice in computing areas relevant to the conference.   
  • The organizers' experience and ability to lead a successful workshop
  • The balance and synergy between the workshop and main conference tracks and other workshops and activities that will run during INFOS 2016.


What INFOS will Provide for My Workshop if Accepted?

If your workshop is accepted, please consider the following when planning and arranging to run your workshop:

  • INFOS will provide a room equipped with a data projector, screen, and electricity and network outlets.
  • Refreshments and breaks will be offered by the conference for attendees during the workshop day.
  • One free registration for the conference for the main organizer. All participants, including the rest of the workshop organizers, keynote speakers, and invited guests, must register for the workshop.
  •  INFOS 2016 will not pay for registration, travel, or other arrangements for workshop organizers or any of their invited speakers or guests.
  • INFOS 2016 will not provide submission system for workshop papers or any technical support for the review process, proceedings production, or workshop website setup.


General Rules and Commitments for Organizers

If your workshop is accepted, please adhere to the following in order to ensure high-quality and successful workshop:

  • Workshop Chairs are required to setup a suitable website for the workshop. The website must clearly indicate that this workshop is affiliated with INFOS 2016.
  • The chairs are required to develop a submission system . The chairs must manage efficiently the submission and review process.
  • Workshop organizers cannot submit (refereed) papers to their own workshop. They can; however, present their work or deliver a speech, but they cannot publish a paper under their workshop.
  • A call for paper must be produced and solicited to the community by the conference chair.
  • A technical program committee must be assembled upon acceptance of the workshop in order to ensure full review process.
  • The submission dates must adhere with all due dates stated in the conference website for workshops.
  • Proceeding production is the responsibility of the workshop chairs. If they wish to publish their workshop papers in the conference supplement proceedings, they must ensure that the camera-ready is submitted in the required due date and that it adhere to the conference paper formats and settings.
  • Chairs will generate a 2-pages summary of the overall workshop and its contributions for inclusion in the main conference proceedings.

Workshops Co-Chairs

  • Dr. Neamat El Tazi, Cairo University