Dr. Jon G Peddie
Tiburon, CA, United States
ACM Distinguished Speaker
"Augmented Reality, where we all will live"

Philosophers, scientists, futurists, and other have speculated about the moment in time when computers will match, and quickly exceed, human processing speed, memory access, and ultimately supposition. The conceit is when machines can process data in enormous volumes, and at lightning speeds, our innate inferiority complex predicts those machines will find us irrelevant, feebly competitive, and a misuse of resources. There is no analog, or metaphor for such an analysis, after all, despite our irresponsible coexistence and husbandry of other animals, fowl, and aquatic species, we never deliberately, or maliciously (with a few notable exceptions) sought their genocide. Insects are another story.
So why then would super intelligent machines, based (grown up you might suggest), on our morals, culture, and history behave any differently? Logic is the typical answer. Super smart machines, whose basic DNA is logic, would assess, adjudicate, and execute on cold, uncompromising logic; and logic is not conducive to human behavior or vice-versa. Therefore, the popular notion is the computer, would simply eliminate us.
Another possibility is as machines develop seemingly sentient capabilities, they will become companions. And lacking (and never able to fully obtain) imagination, will rely on us to come up with the next idea, the next goal, the next artistic expression, and the next interpretation of current events or characters’ behaviors.
So how does augmented reality fit into all of this? As we are more conveniently, and comfortably able to access information in real time, we will literally and figuratively become augmented, though not physical—at least for a while. We will have greater access to information, and more quickly. And as we learn how to assimilate, process, and use this enhanced capability, we will become more creative, imaginative, and interesting. And as we do, emerging, or even nouveau-sentient machines will be confounded by us, always a step behind so to speak despite their astronomical processing speeds and memory access.
However, for us to be so augmented and in touch with the databases and the data analysis tools, we must have real-time, inconspicuous localized information, information about where we are, and all the things around us.
To be in touch with the databases and analytical tools requires wireless communications and real-time updating. To have inconspicuous capture of localized information in real-time, we will have smart contact lenses, and ultimately implants.
So the science fiction scenario is we will have augmented reality contact lenses while the computers approach or perhaps reach sentience, and rather than dismiss, or kill us because we would be irrelevant and unnecessary resource usages, they will rely on us for insight, imagination, and challenges; cynically perhaps a necessary evil.

Brief Biography

Dr. Jon Peddie is one of the pioneers of the graphics industry, and formed Jon Peddie Research (JPR) to provide customer intimate consulting and market forecasting services. Peddie lectures at numerous conferences on topics pertaining to graphics technology and the emerging trends in digital media technology. Recently named one of the most influential analysts, regularly advises investors in the technology sector. Frequently quoted in trade and business publications, he was the president of The Siggraph Pioneers, and contributes articles to numerous publications including as well as appearing on CNN, TechTV, and Future Talk TV. And in 2015 he was given the Life Time Achievement award from the CAAD society. He is an advisor to the Siggraph Executive Committee.
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Hossam Osman
Vice President - ITIDA

Brief Biography

Dr. Hossam Osman works in Egypt’s Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) as Vice President supervising the Software Engineering Competence Center (SECC), the Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC), and the IT Academic Collaboration Program (ITAC) aiming at maturing and promoting the software and IT service industry through adopting industry’s best practices, transferring state-of-the-art technologies, and fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in ICT. Dr. Osman has 26+ years experience as developer, manager, instructor, researcher, and consultant in IT and software engineering. His experience is divided between academia and industry, private and governmental organizations, small and national-level projects, and domestic and overseas companies.

Dr. Osman’s academic experience includes working in Queen’s University in Canada, Royal Military College of Canada, Ain Shams University in Egypt, the Arab Academy for Science, Technology, and Maritime Transport in Egypt. His industrial experience includes working in Lucent Technology in USA, Egypt’s IT Industry Development Agency (ITIDA), and local Egyptian companies as Nile Online, Data Management Systems, and ASSET.

Dr. Osman received the B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in electrical engineering from Ain Shams University, Egypt in 1985 and 1990, respectively, and the Ph.D. degree in electrical and computer engineering from Queen’s University, Canada in 1996. His Ph.D. thesis was awarded the Engineering and Applied Science Outstanding Thesis Award by Queen’s University in 1996 and he was selected as Ontario’s best post-graduate student in Computing by the Canadian Advanced Technology Association (CATA) in 1996. Dr. Osman published as Principal Author in reputable journals as Neural Computation, IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, and IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics. His technology focus includes embedded systems, Internet of things, pattern classification, machine learning, and neural networks.


Ashraf Sabry
CEO - Fawry
"Digital Transformation: An Ecosystem with Automation"

Brief Biography

Ashraf Sabry is a technology business expert and the founder and CEO of Fawry, currently Egypt’s largest Electronic Payment Network. With 20 years of experience in finance and IT, and a vision to enable nationwide electronic financial services, Sabry managed to establish Fawry as one of the fastest growing ventures in the Middle East. Prior to creating Fawry, Sabry spent 10 years leading sales at IBM Egypt and later was key to the success of Raya Holding, Egypt’s leading ICT company where he directed the operations, finance, and business development for years before he eventually led the whole IT line of business for the group. Sabry holds an MBA from Leeds University in the United Kingdom.


Azza Kamal
R&D Consultant - SECC-ITIDA
"Design Sprint - A way to Innvoate in your business"

Innovation can’t be valuable without tackling real customer needs. Moreover, opening the floor for innovative ideas can result in many open and unstructured discussions. Design sprint is a four-days process that can answer critical business questions and cut out open unstructured discussions to understand the impact of new ideas on business. It is a step by step recipe that go through design, prototyping, and testing ideas with customers in only 4 days to have an insight on the finished product and customer reactions before making any expensive commitments.

Brief Biography

Azza is an R&D consultant at SECC with 13+ years of experience working in state-of-the-art technologies focusing on tackling Egyptian market pains through technology. Azza is currently focusing on Blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT) and the best practices to align the two technologies to address the existing challenges and raise more business opportunities. Azza’s main motivation is to enable Egyptian companies to smoothly adapt technologies for better business outcomes.

Ahmed Ameen
Senior Consultant - SECC-ITIDA
"Learning Kanban with Gamification Concept"

Kanban requires deep understanding in order to bring about real change and measurable results. Too many teams struggle, even after they understand the “rules” of Kanban—failing to recognize visible problems on their own boards, or not knowing how to replace old bad habits with better ones. In this tutorial we will demonstrate how to use gamification concepts to “visualize” and “manage” the workflow to clear the bottleneck and improve the system health.

Brief Biography

Ahmed is an Innovation Award winner, dynamic consultant who leads and delivers rapid strategic business values. Experience across companies in various markets and technologies, Agile mindset oriented; focused on people, process and technical excellence for rapid continuous delivery, with +16 years of experience in the field, covering all aspects; starting from development to value driven strategic leadership. Ahmed is Certified Agile Project manager/ Agile professional; he has practical and thorough experience in Scrum, real life Agile Coach/Scrum Master, and led many teams to a successful Agile adoption.



Ahmed ElSheikh
Senior R&D Consultant - SECC-ITIDA
"Blockchain-Enabled FinTec Digital Innovation"

Financial services industry is one of the highly impacted industries within the digital economy due to the “Digital Transformation” wave derived by the “Disruptive Emerging Technologies”. “FinTech” is the current dominating trend describing the role played by these technologies in the financial services industry. Blockchain technology had started to change the way of doing business around the world, and currently, is disrupting financial business models in general and deriving the FinTech revolution. This creates a great pressure on software companies as well as financial institutions to investigate this rapidly evolving technology either to exploit the fast-growing opportunities or to avoid the expected threats that may result from ignoring this distributive wave. 

Brief Biography

Ahmed is senior R&D consultant at SECC. Ahmed helps organizations doing better “Digital & Agile Business” using his wide exposure to “Digital Transformation” strategies, business models and technologies such as Blockchain, Analytics & Enterprise Architecture as well as “Agile Transformation” methodologies. He has diversified work experiences as Digital & Blockchain Advisor, Enterprise Architect, Agile Coach, Six Sigma Coach, Product & Quality Manager and hold an MBA, MSc & many credentials from The Open Group, Scrum Alliance, ISACA & Software Engineering Institute. Being exposed to many verticals and played multiple leadership roles; created unique skills that drive growth in the current disruptive economy. 


Hany Madkour
Co founder. VP, digital strategy - BBI
"Forming Digital Strategies in the Digital Transformation Era"

Brief Biography

Hany is a senior consultant, executive and entrepreneur with nearly 20 years of leadership and high-level IT project experience primarily gained within the telecoms, banking and government sectors. Hany has great experience in leading multi-disciplinary teams and am able to work, communicate and deliver at the most senior level within all environments, ranging from the banking industry to government level. Hany held various data management related positions with major communications services providers like Etisalat & Vodafone. Hany is still a Senior Consultant with Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC), where he responsible for all the Architecture and Data Integration. He also oversees the DWH Roadmap and Dimensional Modelling, ETL Reporting, Data Architecture Design and complete Analytics Coverage.
In 2009, Hany con founded BBI as a company specialized in providing business intelligence solutions. Today, with branches in Belgium, Algeria, Egypt, KAS and UAE, BBI is a leading technology consultancy firm offering digital transformation services to business across various industries. 


Mahmoud Tawfik
CEO - FixedSolutions
"Cyber Security Challenges in the Digital Era"

Brief Biography

Mahmoud is a senior cyber security advisor and technology entrepreneur with a solid technical background in Linux, software engineering, information security, cloud computing, vulnerability assessment and penetration testing.



Dina Sayed
Technical Team Lead - IBM Egypt 

Brief Biography

Dina Sayed is a technical team lead at IBM Egypt – operating under Watson and Cloud platform division. she joined IBM in 2005 where she has designed and implemented various solutions to leverage Arabic language support in IBM and open source products. She is certified “Master IT Specialist” by the Open Group and a member in North Africa Technical Expert Council, an affiliate to IBM academy of technology. Dina has a Bachelors degree in Communication and Electronics Engineering from Cairo University. She earned her MSc. degree with merit in Natural Language Processing from the University of Nottingham in UK. She is also a part time PhD student in Basel University – Switzerland.

Since 2014 Dina has been working in analytics and artificial intelligence domain where she designed and developed various solution for clients in MENA region. This includes leading implementation, Customer demos, requirements assessment, solutions design and development.

She lead Arabic NLP support in IBM Social Media Analytic (SMA) and other key projects using Watson services in Golf region. It includes covering sentiment analysis, demographic and behavioural analysis for Telecommunication and Government sectors, building chatbots, computer vision and many other areas under Artificial intelligence domain.
Occasionally, Dina teach Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in IBM African Technology Academy (ATA) and IBM MEA Universities program.

Abeer Selim
Experienced Architect and Solution Manager - IBM Egypt 

Brief Biography

Experienced Architect with 13 years of experience in professional services delivery domain. Throughout my career I played multiple roles that exposed me to business development and selling activities including Business Analyst, Technical SME as well as Solution Architect.

Although my main area of expertise falls under System Integration domain, I invested and built deep knowledge in AI and Analytics space that qualified me to participate in Cognitive and Analytics domain. This includes acquiring master degree in “Machine Learning Methodologies in Brain Computer Interface” related to the Healthcare domain in 2009. I designed and developed a virtual keyboard speller that enables totally paralyzed patients to express their needs via their brain signals.

As Cognitive specialist, I have participated in Watson Developer Redbook and online course in 2017 , this enabled IBM developers to practice and deliver projects over Watson APIs including Watson Natural Language Classifier service. The publication includes the delivering a Q&A PoC in Healthcare industry with detailed documented Lab for the PoC.

I was the primary author of the Artificial Intelligence online course for Digital Nation Africa (DNA). It has been published in 2018. Currently I am the primary author for the AI classroom course for Skills Academy to be released soon.

As Solution Architect, I was exposed to Information Management domain and solutions including Data Integration , Master Data Management and BI technologies, having main focus on Healthcare and Travel & Transportation Industries.

I was engaged in various solutioning opportunities and delivered Technical Delivery Assessment, (TDA), Effort Estimation, Scope write-up and High Level Project plans.

Mohsen Kamal El-Shoura
GUDC Manager 

Brief Biography

  • M.Sc. in political sceince – FEPS – Cairo University
  • Diplomatic representation in London Embassy – Defense Attache
  • Faculty member in the Military Technical Collage
  • Post Diploma in HR Helwan University
  • Graduated from the Military Academy in 1979
  • Prompted up to Major General

Mahmoud Samir
IoT Developer - CAMPIE 

Brief Biography

Mahmoud is a software Engineer at HITS  as well as an IoT Developer at CAMPIE research project. He received his B.Sc. Degree from the Faculty of Computers and Information – Cairo University. His B.Sc. graduation project was entitled “CKAN Open Data Platform”, where he gathers sensor data and publish them to be public to be re-used by anyone . Mahmoud has served as an Instructor in the 2nd IoT CAMPIE School held in cooperation with the FIWARE Foundation and TIEC in Smart Village in December 9-13, 2017.  Mahmoud was  organizer for CAMPIE IoT Course Series  in Cairo University in 31March 2018.

Maha Taha
IoT Developer - CAMPIE 

Brief Biography

Maha is an IoT Developer at CAMPIE research project. She received her B.Sc. Degree from the Faculty of Computers and Information – Cairo University. Her B.Sc. graduation project was entitled “Analysis of IoT Open Source Platforms”, where she analyzed the performance of Carriots and EvryThng IoT Platforms. Maha has served as an Instructor in the 2nd IoT CAMPIE School held in cooperation with the FIWARE Foundation and TIEC in Smart Village in December 9-13, 2017. 

Toqa Tawfik
IoT Developer - CAMPIE 

Brief Biography

Toqa is an IoT Developer at CAMPIE research project where she designed an interface to integrate CAMPIE with any open source IoT platform. She is studying premaster degree at Faculty of Computers and Information – Cairo University and received her B.Sc. Degree from the Faculty of Computers and Information – Cairo University. Her B.Sc. graduation project was entitled “Analysis of IoT Open Source Platforms between Carriots and EvryThng IoT Platforms”.